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  • Ayaneo’s upcoming Pocket S model will be the first Android gaming handheld to use Qualcomm’s latest gaming-focused Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 chipset, promising fantastic performance that could rival handheld consoles.
  • The Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 chip offers 30% better CPU performance and a GPU twice as powerful as its predecessor. Ayaneo claims the Pocket S will have the heat dissipation capabilities suitable for extended gaming sessions.
  • The design of the Pocket S will be slim and borderless, with a chiseled look. Ayaneo plans to offer different variants, including one with a gamepad-like grip. Pricing is yet to be revealed, but the Pocket S is expected to launch in December.

The market for handheld consoles is small, but Ayaneo has made a name for itself developing Windows handhelds, only recently pivoting to the Android segment with the Pocket Air earlier this year. Most of our recommended Android handhelds use Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs, so it is no surprise Ayaneo plans to follow suit with its upcoming Pocket S model announced at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, this week. It plans to outshine its rivals by being the first to market with Qualcomm’s latest gaming-focused Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 chipset.

The new G3x Gen 2, successor of the G3x Gen 1 seen in the Razer Edge, also debuted at Gamescom. Qualcomm claims the chip extracts 30% better CPU performance from the Kryo octa-core CPU, while the Adreno A32 GPU is twice as powerful as Gen 1. Ayaneo’s upcoming Pocket S will be the first Android gaming handheld to use this potent new SoC.

Results should be nothing short of fantastic, outshining the best gaming phones on the market and perhaps even giving the likes of Valve’s Steam Deck a run for its money. The chip is touted as the new benchmark for Android gaming handhelds, and the Pocket S has the hardware to match. Ayaneo boasts its upcoming device will have the heat dissipation capabilities suitable for x86 chips, ensuring the Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 chip can perform at its best for extended durations.

The Ayaneo Pocket S in black

From a design standpoint, the Pocket S will be a little more chiseled than the Pocket Air, but you’ll still find the D-pad and analog sticks in their usual, ergonomic spots. As shown in the imagery, the console will be virtually borderless and slim, helping it look contemporary and feel comfortable in the hand. Finished in black or white, Ayaneo plans to offer the Pocket S in a few different variants, including a thin and light specification for a gamepad-like grip (pictured), a long-life model with a bigger battery, and another top-tier model with everything turned up to eleven.

The Ayaneo Pocket S finished in white

On paper, the Ayaneo Pocket S sounds like a market disruptor with the performance that could catapult it to segment leader status, but a lot hinges on what finally makes it to customers. For instance, the brand hasn’t revealed pricing yet, which would be a deciding factor for many gamers. However, the wait won’t be long, because the Ayaneo Pocket S should arrive in December this year.

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