Thermaltake TOUGHDESK 350 smart gaming desk

Gamers looking to upgrade their area might be interested in a new smart gaming desk launched by Thermaltake this week in the form of the TOUGHDESK 350. Using the iTAKE Engine Software, the desk height can be adjusted from 70 cm to 110 cm (27.5″ ~ 43.3″) and also features 4 different lighting effect settings coupled with 5 individual levels of brightness and lighting speed.

The TOUGHDESK 350 seamlessly synchronizing with the RGB Desk Mobile App and iTake Engine Software allowing users to tailor their desk experience from their digital devices, giving them full control over the desk’s height and the vibrant hues of its RGB lighting system.

“TOUGHDESK 350 is a smart gaming desk that combines functionality and flexibility. The extra-large desktop and a max load of up to 150 kg (330 lb) reduce the limit for users to choose their preferable peripherals. Last but not least, TOUGHDESK 350 also offers a solution for cable management, and users can organize the wires in the groove under the desk to maintain the workspace clutter-free.”

But the standout features of the TOUGHDESK 350 is its with anti-collision safety sensors, adding a protective layer to prevent accidental mishaps during the height adjustment process. Additionally, the desk comes with an enhanced dual electric motor system, ensuring not just smooth transitions, but also heightened stability during the desk’s lifting sequences. This smart desk truly strikes the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, making it an indispensable asset for tech-savvy users.

“With RGB Desk Mobile APP, the desk height can be set between 70 cm and 110 cm (27.5″ ~ 43.3″) or quickly switch to 4 programmable desk heights (70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm). Furthermore, the app can track your desk setting and usage habits to automatically modify desk height based on your weekly schedule. Besides, the RGB lighting on the desk can be customized by 4 different lighting effect settings and 5 individual levels of brightness and lighting speed.”

Thermaltake TOUGHDESK 350

“TT Smart Control Unit allows users to directly and stably control the TOUGHDESK 350 Smart Gaming Desk on their phone or PC via WiFi. In addition, the powerful MCU inside the control unit can record your preferable desk height and usage habits. The TOUGHDESK 350 Smart Gaming Desk comes with a RGB Lighting Strip, and lighting effects can be customized and synced via the Thermaltake RGB desk mobile app or iTAKE engine software. The surface of the speed-type mouse pad is incredibly smooth, flat, and water-resistant, which provides gamers with a superior experience of precise movements and easy cleaning.”

Source : Thermaltake

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Thermaltake TOUGHDESK 350 smart gaming desk

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