• MusicLM is an AI app that generates songs based on text prompts.
  • The app creates two songs from one prompt.
  • Anyone can sign up to try the experimental AI tool right now.

From creating images to enhancing search engines, AI is almost everywhere you turn these days. Now it looks like music is the next frontier as a new experimental AI app promises to turn your ideas into music.

In a blog, Product Manager of Labs Kristin Yim and Product Manager of Google Research Hema Manickavasagam announced that sign-ups have started for MusicLM. Described as an experimental tool, the app can transform text prompts into music. For example, typing in the prompt “Soulful jazz for a dinner party” will generate just that.

The concept isn’t much different from how Google’s or Microsoft’s chatbots work. You type something into the field, and the AI generates a result.

According to the blog, MusicLM takes text prompts and delivers two versions of a song. Users can then listen to both versions and give a trophy to the one that sounds the best. This reportedly helps the AI model improve its music-generating capabilities. You can listen to a few examples of what this tool created down below.

As with other applications of AI, there’s concern that using such a tool could be used to harm artists. However, Google claims that it has been trying to make the tool a “responsible innovation” by working with musicians and “hosting workshops to see how this technology can empower the creative process.”

Initially announced in January, anyone can give it a try in AI Test Kitchen on the web, Android, or iOS. But as mentioned earlier, you’ll have to sign up and join a waiting list.

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This experimental AI app will let you turn your ideas into music

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