Cloud computing has taken a step further with the introduction of Microsoft’s Windows 365 Boot. Early access to the new platform will enable users to test the ability to boot into an Azure-based cloud PC interface. Instead of accessing their Windows account locally from the hard drive, users can access cloud-based desktop profiles enabling multiple users to access their accounts from one machine.

According to the announcement, the new cloud-based interface is accessible via Windows 11 version 22H2 for certain users. The idea is to enable the cloud PC login screen initially when the machine boots so users will have the option of accessing their cloud-based profile immediately, without having to launch a separate application.

Microsoft explains that no additional steps will be necessary to access the Windows 365 Cloud PC. Once the user logs into their account, the virtual desktop will be immediately accessible. This environment will likely be most beneficial to offices and other corporate use cases in which users will need PC access from multiple locations.

The new system is not yet available to everyone and it’s not clear when it will be made widely available. There are a few requirements for early access: users must be a part of the Windows Insider Program with Microsoft Intune Administrator rights. Those interested in testing out the new cloud-based login interface will also need a Windows 365 Cloud PC license.

Microsoft has provided thorough details about how to enable Windows 365 Boot as well as what the login process will be like once implemented. When Windows 365 Boot is enabled, the lock screen on the PC will be a default Windows 11 screen. Users will be prompted to log into their Microsoft account. Once authenticated, the PC will load the Cloud PC. When the user logs out, they or another user can log into their Microsoft account to access their Cloud PC.

You can read more about how to access the new Windows 365 Boot application on the Microsoft website where the announcement was unveiled.

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Windows 365 Boot Lets You Boot Directly Into the Cloud | Tom’s Hardware

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