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Zoom is onboarding Claude, Anthropic’s AI assistant, with this new partnership.

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Zoom just announced a strategic partnership with Anthropic, an artificial intelligence company that conducts research into AI safety and develops tools based on that work. The collaboration will integrate Anthropic’s AI assistant, Claude, into the Zoom platform, including the Zoom Contact Center.

Claude is an AI assistant that can be integrated into different business models through standard APIs available through Anthropic AI.

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The AI assistant, Claude, can be a customer service agent and sales representative. Claude can also parse documents and answer questions about them, perform searches, offer coaching, and do administrative tasks, like help you answer emails or go prioritize your most important tasks.

When integrated with Zoom, Claude will be used to guide customer service interactions, helping agents reach better resolutions for more successful customer experiences. 

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The AI assistant will also work for customers as a self-service tool, intelligently recognizing the users’ intent and guiding them to the best outcome in order to improve productivity in the Zoom Contact Center.

On the management side, Zoom will also use Claude to identify insights that managers can use to coach their customer service representatives to improve the quality of customer and agent interactions. 

The news follows a Zoom collaboration with OpenAI to create a series of text-generating features, dubbed Zoom IQ.

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Zoom adds an AI assistant named Claude

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