The Google Pixel 6a might be an excellent affordable phone, but you should still protect your prized possession. A few months have passed since launch, and we’ve tested more than a few. With that in mind, here are some of the best cases for the Pixel 6a.

After a limited release for the Pixel 5a last year, Google’s decision to stock the Pixel 6a in more regions also means that we have more case options than ever before. From high-end to bargain-bin coverings, you can choose the right case for your phone.

Some add grip, others add functionality, but all will protect the Google Pixel 6a. In all instances, we’ve checked to ensure that our selection is screen protector friendly and noted if there are any issues here, too. In the interest of fairness, we’ve also ensured that all case options are under the $25 mark. It is tough to suggest forking out upwards of this figure given the Pixel 6a comes in at just $399.

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Ghostek COVERT

pixel 6a cases

One of our favorite clear cases is the Ghostek Covert, which is is now available for the Pixel 6a. While it is technically “clear,” it is not completely transparent, as you can choose accented frame colors. This covers all of the frame and the camera bar, but is frosted on the standard “clear” version. Unlike many TPU and silicone cases, it’s firm without being rigid or floppy.

The frame bumpers include etched corners to aid grip while the corners are reinforced to help absorb shocks and drops. A recessed section on the right side of Ghostek cases leaves room for the Pixel 6a side buttons and also helps with orientation when quickly taking out of your pocket or bag.

Pela case

If you care about sustainability or being more environmentally friendly when choosing smartphone accessories, all Pela cases for Pixel 6a are an ideal purchase. Almost like a silicone case in terms of flexibility and hand feel, the Pela case is soft, matte, and grippy. Even though each case is made from sustainable materials, they do not disappoint when it comes to Pixel 6a protection.

Each case is made from a plant-based biopolymer, but it’s the usage of flax shive that is the most unique. It means that the texture has an almost earthy quality that is unlike any other case on the market. There are tons of colors to choose from, plus Pela has added more etched designs that help add even more grip to the normally slippery Pixel 6a. One thing to note is that lighter-colored cases can pick up dye from denim and dark fabrics.

Tudia DualShield MergeGrip

pixel 6a cases

Two-piece smartphone cases are not as common as they once were, but you can still get excellent choices like this from Tudia. Effectively a soft TPU case with a shell portion, this design choice means that your covered from drop and dings. The MergeGrip also adds a textured backplate, providing a non-slip texture even if you have wet or damp hands.

The branding is one of the few downsides but the button covers include embossed icons to help you access in your pocket without needing to pull your phone out. There’s a recessed portion around the earpiece speaker that help vent sound outwards which is especially useful for those of us that still make phone calls regularly, but also helps when playing videos and music in tandem with the downward-firing speaker.

Caseology Nano Pop Case

pixel 6a cases

The simple two-tone design makes the Nano Pop a great case for the Pixel 6a, as it helps frame the camera bar without adding too much mass. It’s a firm silicone with precise cutouts for all of the important ports; it also adds button covers without making the volume rocker and power key harder to press or access.

Caseology claims that the three color cases for the Pixel 6a are inspired by fresh fruit, but the simple tones add a dash of color without being too bright or distracting. There’s even a lanyard loop that you can use if you like to link to your wrist for extra security. In the hand, the Nano Pop case feels plush and soft, even though it adds a substantial layer of drop protection.

Skyhewen Google Pixel 6a Wallet Case

pixel 6a cases

One for the parents or people that want to carry a couple of banknotes and a few cards. We’ve never really heard of Skyhewen before, but the character-led folio wallet cases are cute and — most importantly — super cheap. Each case color has a cutesy animal that lives beneath the magnetic clasp of this PU leather flip cover.

Open up, and there’s enough room for a couple of your important cards and ID with a slot for banknotes and receipts. As this is a flip case, it can also double as a kickstand when watching movies and videos on YouTube. Your Pixel 6a slips into a silicone case portion which offers basic protection, but for under $10, you can reduce your reliance on a wallet or purse with a two-in-one everyday carry option.

Poetic Revolution Series case

Full coverage of your smartphone usually requires a screen protector and a case, but this is where the Poetic Revolution Series case stands apart from the crowd. Combining a front cover with a standard back case means that for under $20, you get a hybrid case with an integrated screen protector included and, therefore, all facets of your smartphone protected. This uses a front clip-on plastic protector, but it hugs or sticks to the screen region around the fingerprint scanner to ensure accurate unlocking and registration of your digits.

If you have a screen protector fitted, there’s an extra clip-on frame that comes without the plastic pre-fitted covering. The ridged edges and side panels give you peace of mind, but it’s hard not to see an Iron Man suit influence here. A built-in kickstand works great in portrait or landscape orientation here too but can only be set at one angle.

Spigen Tough Armor

Arguably one of the true “classic” smartphone cases, the Spigen Tough Armor for the Pixel 6a hides no secrets, but is still one of the best. The boxy aesthetic looks uninviting, but the combination of the soft textured TPU inner layer with the smooth, almost metallic outer plastic casing is iconic.

I’m less convinced by the flimsy kickstand, but on the smaller Pixel 6a chassis, it manages to stand up more consistently when in landscape mode. The flat button covers, textured or ridged power button, and the soft chamfer have always felt very “sci-fi” in my opinion, and the simple branding feels more consistent here.

PSA: Official Pixel 6a case

pixel 6a cases

Initially, you may want to pick up the official Pixel 6a case, but we would say avoid it unless you simply must have the official covering. Because the recycled cases feature the same construction as the official Pixel 6/6 Pro cases, over time you can get warping, discoloration, and more problems if you plan on using the official Pixel 6a case day-to-day. Our advice is to steer clear and only use sparingly if you do plan on picking this option up.

When new, it fits precisely and feels like an extension of the Pixel 6a. Sadly, it might not last for too long as our own Kyle Bradshaw documented after spending an extended period with the official Pixel 6 Pro case. This is exacerbated, given the asking price for the official Pixel 6a case is $30 with just two colors available: Charcoal and Seafoam.

What are your favorite Pixel 6a cases?

Everyone has different tastes in device protection – do you have a preferred brand or case? Let us know down in the comments section below just what you’re rocking on your device and why.

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