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  • An emoji wallpaper maker was found in the second Android 14 developer preview.
  • The app would allow users to pick from a selection of emojis and colors to create a new wallpaper.
  • It’s uncertain if this feature will make it to the stable build of Android 14.

Remember when it was revealed that Google was planning to unveil over 20 AI products this year? One of those products was going to be a wallpaper maker for Pixel phones. Well, it seems that app was just found in the second Android 14 developer preview (Android 14 DP2).

As discovered by XDA Developers, there appears to be a new wallpaper feature hiding in the /product partition of Android 14 DP2. The feature in question is an emoji wallpaper maker that seems to be exclusive to Pixel devices. It’s believed to be an exclusive app as the package name is “” and the required feature flag to activate it is “”

If you’re toying around with Android 14 DP2, it’ll be easy to miss since it’s inactive by default. But if you toggle a debug flag, it will bring the feature up in the Wallpaper & Picker app, according to the publication. From there, users should see an “Emoji Lab” option where they can choose between 14 emojis and various colors and patterns to create a unique wallpaper.

Every wallpaper that’s created is reportedly saved under Wallpaper & styles>Wallpaper>Emoji Lab. Users have the freedom to switch back and forth between their saved creations by tapping on the one they want to use and hitting “Set Wallpaper.” These wallpapers can also be edited after they’re saved.

Features hiding in developer previews are not uncommon. In fact, a bloatware removal tool was found in the first developer preview of Android 14. As people get more hands-on time with this latest update, there’s a chance we could see more secret tools emerge. However, it’s important to remember these features may not make it to the final stable build of Android 14.

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Android 14 is hiding an emoji wallpaper maker for the Pixel

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Android 14 is hiding an emoji wallpaper maker for the Pixel

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Android 14 is hiding an emoji wallpaper maker for the Pixel

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