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  • Google has moved on to the second developer preview of Android 14.
  • The release timeline has so far been similar to the one Google had for Android 13.
  • The stable launch will likely happen in August.

Google revealed its Android 14 schedule in February 2023, with the first developer preview going live the same day as the reveal. The timeline the company has planned out is very similar to the one the tech giant had for Android 13.

On March 8, Google released the second developer preview build of Android 14, just as expected. According to Google’s Android Developer site, this should be an incremental update with “additional features, APIs, and behavior changes.”

Judging from the organization’s release date graphic, the next update is expected to bring the operating system into beta territory with a release sometime in April. If everything goes as planned, we’ll likely see a few beta releases before the final release happens. As you can see, Google expects to reach platform stability sometime in June.

Android 14 timeline

Android 14 timeline

Since the Android 14 release schedule is so similar to Android 13’s, it’s fair to assume Google will follow a similar approach. Last year, Google had two developer previews and eight beta releases for Android 13 before it launched the official update. If Google does something similar this year, there’s a good chance we may see an Android 14 launch sometime in August. However, there’s no guarantee there won’t be delays.

As for which phones will get the new OS, you can expect all versions of the Pixel that haven’t reached their major OS update limit yet, which is every Pixel after and including the Pixel 4a 5G. The same can be said for Samsung’s recent handsets. If you don’t know if your Samsung phone is still eligible, check out our list, which includes every Samsung device getting four major OS updates.

The Android 14 release date for the Pixel will likely precede others, like always. Predicting the OS release date for Samsung is a little trickier to pin down, though. One UI 5 was the fastest OS release Samsung has done, and the company has said that it wants the next update to be even faster.

Here are the significant Android 14 schedule milestones we’ve seen in 2023, so far:

  • February 8, 2023 – Android 14 DP1
  • March 8, 2023 – Android 14 DP2

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Android 14 release date: When is the next update?

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Android 14 release date: When is the next update?

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Android 14 release date: When is the next update?

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