Google’s Android 14 update is coming later this year.


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Although AI took center stage at today’s Google I/O event, Dave Burke, VP of Engineering at Google, touched on several new customization options coming to the lock screen on Android 14.

Android 14 was first announced back in February, with the release of its first Android 14 developer preview. In April, Google released the first public beta version of Android 14, which you can actually download right now (as long as you have a compatible phone, like the Pixel 7A and Pixel Fold).

The public and beta versions of Android 14 so far have brought improvements to privacy and security, like the ability to disable PIN animations to make it safer when unlocking your phone in public, and new features to accessibility, with larger font sizes for the visually impaired and flash notifications for those that are hard of hearing.

More customization options for your lock screen

A few customization options to the lock screen are coming to Android 14 later this year, demoed at the Google I/O keynote today.

You now have the ability to add your own personalized clock to the lock screen on Android 14, choosing the font, color, size and design. There are also new lock screen shortcuts, which allow you to jump into your most frequent activities, like turning on your flashlight, opening your wallet for payment or launching your camera to scan a QR code — directly from your lock screen.

New lock screen customizations on Android 14

You can customize the clocks and add shortcuts on your lock screen.


Emoji and cinematic wallpapers

Android also has a couple new wallpaper options, including emoji and cinematic wallpapers.

The emoji wallpaper feature lets you choose up to fourteen different emoji, browse through various patterns and select a colors pattern to create a unique wallpaper for your home and lock screen. Emoji wallpapers are interactive, so the emoji will react any time you touch them.

With the cinematic wallpaper feature, you can turn any photo in your camera roll into a 3D image with motions effects to add as your backdrop. A sparkle icon button will give your photos a parallax effect as you tilt your device.

Man playing with phone, showing off emoji wallpaper

Both of these wallpaper features are coming first to Pixel devices in June.


There are also generative AI wallpapers

Don’t have a wallpaper you’re happy with? Google now has a new feature in Android that allows you to create a unique wallpaper with generative AI. To start, you choose a theme — for example classic art or mystical botanicals — and then a wallpaper is created. At the bottom of each wallpaper is a prompt that can be edited to further customize the existing wallpaper. Each prompt will also have several options you can swipe through.


Because of Material You, the system’s color palette is automatically adapted to match the wallpaper that was created.


A major update to Find My

Google is taking a page out of Apple’s playbook by improving how you find your missing devices, leveraging the millions of Android devices out there. For example, if you leave your Google Pixel buds at the airport, you can use any nearby Android devices to help you better locate your Android 14-powered phone. And if you have any third-party trackers, like Tile, on other items you own, you’ll be able to track them via Find My as well.

Google IO presenter talking about Find My Device.

It’s now easier to find your lost or stolen items with Android’s Find My feature. Coming this summer.


Keep checking in, as we’ll be updating this story as more information is available.

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Android 14: The Biggest Features Announced at Google I/O 2023

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