The latest Android 14 reports feature new information on the upcoming version of the system to power smartphones soon, and it will be to stop the process of “Speed Booster” apps on the platform. It will heavily center on third-party apps that claim to speed up one’s device but are misleading about what they push for among the public. 

Not all of the “speed booster” apps in the Play Store are honest; some may only function in the beginning and still leave the phone suffering from a laggy experience. 

Android 14 is Killing the ‘Speed Booster’ App Functions, Misleading Claims


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Android 14 will no longer let “speed booster” apps go their way for the upcoming update of the smartphone OS, especially with its “misleading claims” for users and owners. According to a blog post on Esper, there will be a crackdown from Google regarding these apps that are present on the Play Store and promise better processes.

This is because the “efficacy” of “task killers” is one of the top conversations on an Android phone, where these apps claim that they can speed up the device without actually doing so. 

On Android 14, all of these would change as the “killBackgroundProcesses” API will not be able to influence the apps and others present on the device. Instead of running it and killing background processes, these apps will receive an error message. 

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Google Claims No Apps Can End Background Process

At first, it may be negative that Google is planning to prevent these apps from speeding up the phone on Android 14, but that is not exactly the case. 

The internet company claimed that these apps do not bring any lasting effects, and killing background processes may harm the device in the long run rather than protect it. It kills an app, and later on, when the person launches it, the closed app will go through the same process and will take a toll on the battery, memory, and performance of the device. 

Android 14: What to Expect?

The next version of Android is coming this year, but there is still no information as to its exact release date from Google, but there already is a beta preview for developers and interested users. Being one of the top Android smartphones in the industry, Samsung is already claiming that it will have a faster rollout of the latest OS compared to Android 13.

There are many features available for the Android 14 already, mostly centering on claims and reports from insiders and leakers, which deliver the latest information for the OS. Here, speculators claim that Android 14 will transform smartphones into webcams for laptops and PCs to give users a better image on video calls and such, similar to Apple’s Continuity Camera.

Of course, there will be better UI and UX on Android 14, with Google in the works for the upcoming experiences arriving on the smartphone OS once it drops later this year. Aside from these anticipated features comes the better handling of “speed booster” apps found in the Play Store, especially for those claiming a better performance that kills processes. 

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Android 14 to Prevent ‘Speed Booster’ Apps to End Background Processes, Google Claims

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Android 14 to Prevent ‘Speed Booster’ Apps to End Background Processes, Google Claims

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Android 14 to Prevent ‘Speed Booster’ Apps to End Background Processes, Google ClaimsAndroid 14 to Prevent ‘Speed Booster’ Apps to End Background Processes, Google Claims

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