Android 15 Beta 3 adds new Home Controls screensaver for Pixel Tablet

Android 15 Beta 3 introduces a new screensaver that shows Home Controls when charging. While this is ostensibly for the Pixel Tablet, it somewhat works on phones.

After breaking in the last Android 15 beta, Settings > Display > Screen saver reveals a new “Home Controls” screensaver next to Clock, Colors, and Photos on phones.

The UI is nearly identical to the Home controls UI on the lockscreen and Quick Settings with your Favorites (from the Google Home app) on display. There’s one-tap access to smart devices, while a clock appears in the top-right corner.

On the Pixel Tablet, this joins the Art gallery, Full-screen clock, Google Photos, Weather, and Weather Frog. It appears automatically when placed on the Charging Speaker Dock. It’s quite nice in that it saves you from having to first long-press the lockscreen shortcut, but the corner clock could be much bigger, especially given the large display.

On phones, the “When to start” options are still “While charging” or “While docked and charging.” You can use the “Preview” FAB to get it to appear. It’s unclear whether this will change by launch, or whether it will integrate with or ultimately replace the standalone Pixel Stand UI in the future

Android 15 Home Controls screensaver

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