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Android Auto has just undergone a significant redesign, and one of the noticeable changes is the inclusion of a new home screen layout option. The app now includes a new option for changing the layout of Android Auto. Undoubtedly, the new setting gives galaxy users more freedom to customize their Android Auto experience.

As many of you are already aware, the new Android Auto design features a home screen comprised of three information-filled cards. Notably, the navigation widget, which is mainly Google Maps, is the most prominent as it provides you with an overview of your current location and planned route. The second card displays suggested destinations for easy access on the navigation screen. Once you’ve been driving for a while, that card vanishes, and the last one appears, revealing your chosen media.

This arrangement was mostly predetermined before the most recent Android Auto beta (v9.0), albeit you could choose which applications showed up. Users couldn’t, however, change the location of the navigation widget. But, since Android Auto included a new option to customize the layout of Android Auto, that isn’t the case anymore.

Here’s how to tweak the home screen layout in Android Auto

Android Auto provides a user-friendly interface to optimize your driving experience. Just by looking at the home screen, you can quickly access the navigation, music, phone, and other apps you require while on the go. This layout has been specifically crafted to ensure safety and ease of access with your favorite features right in front of you.  However, there could be times when you want to change the layout tailored to your needs. As an example, you may want to move certain apps to the front of the screen or change the order of the apps.

Changing the layout of Android Auto’s home screen is a relatively simple process. All you need to do is tap the app drawer button in the bottom left corner of your Android Auto head unit. Next, locate and go into the settings section and look for the Change layout option. Finally, choose the Navigation closer to the driver option.

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Android Auto home screen layout can now be customized

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Android Auto home screen layout can now be customized

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Android Auto home screen layout can now be customizedAndroid Auto home screen layout can now be customized

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