Another Google Pixel 9 leak shows the display and bezels [Video]

After getting a hands-on look at the pink Pixel 9 yesterday, another new video has surfaced showing off the device from all angles, including offering a look at the display.

Yesterday’s Pixel 9 leak offered a video look at the device in a vibrant pink color that, according to other previous leaks, will likely be called “Peony.” The hardware aligned with previous leaks, but we only got to see the device from the back.

Now, we’re seeing a few more angles.

A video initially posted to TikTok by @reparation_mobile23 shows the pink Pixel 9 from the back, sides, and the front, with the display turned on. From this, we can see the device has a completely flat glass panel like its predecessors, and also that the bezels appear to be just about identical to the Pixel 8.

Unfortunately, there’s not much more new information to be gathered here. From what we can see the software looks unchanged, and there’s nothing to indicate whether the device is running Android 14 or 15.

@reparation_mobile23 Google pixel  على خطى الآيفون 😉 #iphone #googlepixel ♬ son original – Reparation_mobile23

With Google set to launch the Pixel 9 series on August 13, more leaks are sure to start coming out in the next few weeks.

H/T: Android Authority

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