Back in mid-2022, Verizon sent out a “valuable customer” discount text message to a number of customers with discount values anywhere from $10 to $25 off wireless bills per month. We made sure to share the news of the discounts because they arrived via text message and also asked that you call Verizon in order to claim them. Those types of instructions can look somewhat questionable and we wanted to confirm to you that the messages and discounts were legit.

This week, Verizon is seemingly sending out another wave of valuable customer discounts. Folks all over the Verizon subreddit are sharing their joy in receiving the text messages that are giving many a discount for the first time, while others are saying that they are seeing additional discounts on top of those previously received.

It’s hard to tell who qualifies for which level of discounts, but we are seeing a decent range from $10 up through $25 off again. And seriously, some folks have weighed-in to share that they are seeing new valuable customer discounts on top of the discounts they saw months ago. For some, that means a $25 discount added to a $10 discount, a pair of $10 discounts, and at least one subscriber who says they already had a $25 discount and are now getting another $15 off on top of it. Wouldn’t we all love $40 off our wireless bill each month?

As is the case with the last wave of discounts like this that rolled out, not all accounts are eligible. In fact, we don’t know how Verizon is deciding who to give discounts too, but in the past most had unlimited or 5G plans.

Also, if you didn’t receive the text message, you simply may not be eligible this time around. I have not seen a text this time, at least at this point. I will say that I’m tempted to at least ping Verizon through their website chat to inquire about it. In past discounts, you could either call the number provided or push your way through to a live agent on Verizon’s chat.

Please tell me you got the double discount – I want to high five you.

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Another Round of Verizon Loyalty Discount Texts Arriving

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Another Round of Verizon Loyalty Discount Texts Arriving

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Another Round of Verizon Loyalty Discount Texts ArrivingAnother Round of Verizon Loyalty Discount Texts Arriving

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