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  • Former Apple engineers claim Apple is still engaged in a “silent war” against Google.
  • Apple is reportedly ramping up the fight by taking steps to separate itself from features offered by Alphabet.
  • Apple’s plan is taking a three-pronged approach.

It’s no secret that Apple and Google aren’t exactly on the friendliest of terms. But it seems the rivalry is even colder than it appears as Apple works to separate its mobile operating system from the features Google’s parent company, Alphabet, offers.

According to a report from the Financial Times, former Apple engineers claim that the company still holds a grudge against Google over Android. They also claim the industry behemoth is engaged in a “silent war” with Google, hoping to separate its products from Google’s services.

To provide a bit of context, this animosity all started in the early 2000s. As the Financial Times points out, after Google created Android, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs described Android as a “stolen product” that mimicked iOS. He even went as far as to declare “thermonuclear war” on Google.

The company is reportedly ramping up its fight by improving its smartphone services and battling Google on three fronts. This three-pronged approach includes mapping, search, and online advertising.

The tech giant has been working on Apple Maps with the intention of replacing Google Maps. It recently bolstered its product earlier this month after announcing a feature that allows companies to claim their digital locations called Business Connect. This is similar to what Google Maps offers with its partnership with Yelp, however, Business Connect can offer unique iOS features like Apple Pay integration.

Next, it is reportedly working on a search tool known internally as “Apple Search.” This is a big deal as it could slash Google’s 92% share of the search market if it decides not to make Google the default search option, according to Chief Strategy Officer at Pantheon, Josh Koenig. However, this would be a double-edged sword as Google pays Apple billions of dollars to be the default option.

Finally, the Cupertino-based firm is going after Google’s bread and butter — online advertising. Google’s ad business makes up a majority of its revenue and Apple wants to build a novel ad network to challenge it. This will allow the company to change how ads are delivered to iPhone users and enable Apple to block third-party data brokers.

Based on the report, Apple is inching its way to being in a good position to cut ties with Google in the future.

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Apple engaged in “silent war” against Google fueled by grudge over Android

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Apple engaged in “silent war” against Google fueled by grudge over Android

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Apple engaged in “silent war” against Google fueled by grudge over AndroidApple engaged in “silent war” against Google fueled by grudge over Android

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