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Are you sticking with YouTube TV following latest price hike? [Poll]


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YouTube TV is upping its price for the first time in three years, with a jump of $8 over the previous bill. Will you keep your subscription following the change?

When it launched in 2017, YouTube TV was full of big promises and an incredibly affordable price point. For just $34.99, customers could stream live channels, including local networks, with on-demand content and unlimited DVR space. It was game-changing in a world dominated by expensive cable companies piling on fees shielded by their local monopolies.

But over time, YouTube TV’s pricing has gone up.

A year after it debuted, the price went up from $34.99/month to $40/month. Another year passed, and YouTube TV’s price reached $49.99/month as the channel lineup continued to grow. Then, in mid-2020, the biggest price increase arrived with a jump up to $64.99/month. Later on, YouTube said that it wouldn’t be raising the price “in the near term,” and the company ended up living up to that statement.

All good things come to an end, though, and this week YouTube TV announced a price increase of $8/month, up to $72.99/month. It’s been a controversial move, of course, and it has many subscribers debating whether or not the subscription is still worthwhile.

For some, the decision on whether or not to keep YouTube TV is easy. If you weren’t already using the subscription to its fullest extent, another $8/month isn’t easy to justify, especially when there are cheaper alternatives. But at the same time, this change has actually resulted in good changes for some users. For those who were subscribed to 4K Plus, this price hike actually results in a slight price drop. Where the previous cost was $85 for the base package + 4K Plus, it’s now $83.

Have you made a decision yet? Will you keep YouTube TV? Vote in the poll below and let’s discuss in the comments!

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Are you sticking with YouTube TV following latest price hike? [Poll]

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Are you sticking with YouTube TV following latest price hike? [Poll]

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