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  • The Backbone One PlayStation Edition is getting Android phone support.
  • Android recognizes the controller as a DualSense for the PS Remote Play App.
  • The Backbone app is now available for Android as well.

Last year, mobile gaming product maker Backbone announced the Backbone One PlayStation Edition for iPhone. This left PlayStation fans with Android phones hanging. Now the mobile gaming accessory is gaining support for Android.

Backbone has announced that the Backbone One PlayStation Edition is now available for Android. The mobile controller connects directly to your phone, so you don’t need to connect it via Bluetooth.

When connected and playing on the PS Remote Play app, the app recognizes the device as a DualSense controller. The accessory also features PlayStation’s iconic button symbols. However, unlike the DualSense, the thumbstick layout is offset instead of inline, like an Xbox controller.

Additionally, the Backbone One has an options button. If you have the PlayStation app installed on your phone, double tapping on the button will open up the app.

Backbone also announced that its app is now compatible with Android as well. For those new to the app, it contains a dedicated row for game releases, news, and updates from PlayStation. It also aggregates your other games and services that support the Backbone One. This includes games like Diablo Immortal and services like Steam.

The final announcement involved availability. The company is now expanding to more markets, including Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. It also says that Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore will be added soon. In the US, the Backbone One PlayStation Edition will be available starting today on the company’s website, Best Buy, Target, and Amazon, for $99.99.

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Backbone One PlayStation Edition adds support for Android phones

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