Bixby still exists. In other news, Samsung Mobile Division President TM Roh has confirmed that Bixby will be getting a generative AI infusion later this year. The Korean company’s assistant will use its own large language models, so this won’t be achieved through a partnership with Google or OpenAI, at least not initially.

Roh also confirmed that Samsung will continue to allow multiple voice assistants on its devices, so presumably you will be able to have both the AI-ified Bixby as well as the Google Gemini replacement for the Google Assistant. Of course you can also download the ChatGPT app, but that won’t be as integrated into the OS as either Samsung’s or Google’s offerings.

Bixby will get an AI infusion this year, Samsung confirms

Samsung has previously teased the AI Bixby months ago, but until now hasn’t given even a rough release time frame. We assume it could land as part of One UI 7, Samsung’s skin on top of the upcoming Android 15, but this wasn’t confirmed by the exec.

Here’s what TM Roh told CNBC:

We’re going to advance Bixby with application of Gen AI technology. We are reinforcing and bringing more AI capabilities to our products. As consumers use more AI capabilities they can actually feel the convenience and benefits they bring. I believe strongly that these Galaxy AI, mobile AI are strong motivations and drivers for the purchase of new products.

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