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An alleged leaked promotional poster from KT may have confirmed the Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S23+ design, along with pre-order bonuses and the date when customers might get the option to pre-order the next flagships. According to this new information, Samsung’s next Unpacked event for the Galaxy S23 series could take place on January 5.

Assuming that the poster is legitimate, it pertains to an advanced pre-registration program that KT might have in store for the upcoming Galaxy S23 flagship lineup. The leaked poster suggests that KT customers could be able to register for the Galaxy S23 starting December 23. KT is the second-largest mobile operator in South Korea.

The poster (seen below) also suggests that the registration period would end on January 5, 2023, and may be followed by a pre-order period starting on the same day. (via @OreXda). In other words, the next major Unpacked event for the Galaxy S23 series may have been scheduled for January 5, 2023.

As a reminder, registering doesn’t require prospective buyers to pay any fees. Registrations allow customers to show interest in an upcoming product and possibly get a better place in the queue once pre-orders go live.

Galaxy S23 design, announement, and pre-order bonus confirmed?

Several leaks and rumors so far have claimed that the upcoming Galaxy S23 series will approach the camera design from a different angle compared to the previous years. Or, more specifically, all three Galaxy S23 variants will borrow the camera design language from the Galaxy S22 Ultra, i.e., they’ll have no camera hump but minimalist, individual circular cutouts for each rear-facing sensor.

This alleged KT promotional poster seemingly confirms those reports, albeit the word “confirmed” may be a bit of a stretch because we can’t verify the leak’s validity. Nevertheless, the Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S23+, as shown in this alleged leaked poster, each have three rear-facing cameras surrounded by metallic rings. The back panels appear glossy, similar to the Galaxy S22 series, and the Galaxy S23+ retains the green color option from this year’s model.

The poster also indicates that pre-order customers may get a pair of Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earbuds for free — or for a lower price — although pre-order bonuses can differ by market.

Will Samsung announce the Galaxy S23 series on January 5 at the end of this alleged registration period? Previous reports said that the company intends to bring the upcoming flagship to the market earlier rather than later to close the Galaxy S22 chapter and leave the GOS controversy behind as soon as possible. Time will tell.

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