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  • The ACSI 2022-2023 report shows Samsung losing ground to Apple.
  • The two companies had matched scores last year, but this year, Apple gained.
  • Meanwhile, Google also gained some traction.

Each year, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) releases a report surrounding opinions about the best smartphones in the United States. Last year, we saw Americans’ views on Samsung and Apple being pretty much equal. Each company received a score of 80/100.

However, the ACSI 2022-2023 report tells a different story. It looks like consumers in the US think Apple is doing a slightly better job as its score went up to 81/100. Samsung, unfortunately, did not make an equal gain, so it is stuck with last year’s score. This means that, officially, consumer sentiment towards Apple is stronger than Samsung, in the US at least.

For these results, the ACSI polled 15,881 customers, chosen at random and contacted via email between April 2022 and March 2023.

ACSI 2022-2023 results

ACSI 2022 2023 Results

Interestingly, Google has made the same gain that Apple did. Last year, Google had a score of 77/100, but was able to bump that up to 78/100 this year. Theoretically, if Google can keep this up, it could match Samsung next year or the year after.

Meanwhile, Motorola dropped significantly this year as did the “All Others” category. That latter category would include smaller players in the US, including OnePlus, TCL, Nokia, etc.

For the first time, in the ACSI 2022-2023 report, the results also show that 5G smartphone satisfaction is higher than non-5G phones, with a score of 80/100 for the former and 72/100 for the latter. This makes sense since most phones Americans buy will be 5G-capable at this point.

You can see the full report at the ACSI website, although it requires an email sign-up to see it.

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Customer satisfaction survey says Samsung is great — but Apple is better

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