We already know that Motorola is about to drop another Razr foldable on us, but we have yet to learn whether or not the device will properly launch in the US. If you’re into taking leaps, we may have just gotten a clue that the US could be in line to see this phone.

The official @MotorolaUS account on Twitter retweeted, with proper big-eye emoji, a tweet from the @Moto account that teases the new Razr’s announcement on June 1. While it’s entirely possible that it’s simply an associated account retweeting the news, we’d like to assume that this confirms a US launch for the Moto Razr (2023).

Unfortunately, we’re still awaiting concrete evidence to suggest that this upgraded and sexy looking device is coming to the US. I will say, the device did pass through the FCC earlier this year, but there are plenty of examples of devices that go through FCC and still don’t launch in the US.

Lenovorola, if you’re reading this, release the new Razr here. It looks sweet.

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Cut the Crap, Moto, is the New Razr Coming to the US or Not?

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