Diablo Immortal is getting its first major update this month, which is set to introduce season 5 alongside a new dungeon, changes to warbands, and of course new events. As is the case with every new season, there will also be new battle pass cosmetics, and this update also adds new set items with some interesting abilities. There appears to be quite a bit more, too.

Since the game’s launch earlier this year, Blizzard hasn’t actually released what it considers a “major” update for this game. Referring to everything that’s come before as “mini updates” with incremental changes. If this is truly the game’s first major update, then players may be in for some much-needed improvements. And dare I say it, some much-needed playable content.

The update will officially go live on September 28 which means it’ll land next Wednesday. Giving players another week to shore up any season 4 battle pass ranks that haven’t been achieved.

The season 5 battle pass goes live in Diablo Immortal Sep. 29

While the update itself will officially arrive on September 28, the season 5 battle pass for Diablo Immortal won’t actually hit until the next day, September 29. Scions Of The Storm, as it’s officially called, will offer a multitude of new challenges and rewards alongside the new cosmetic armor.

The new season will be available for access at 3am server time. So if you log in before then (assuming servers aren’t down maintenance), it’ll still show the old pass. For pass rewards, players can expect more or less the usual it looks like. Which is a collection of legendary crests, gems, hilts, gold and more.

This new season and update also introduces the new Crowned Ones shop cosmetic set.

Try your hand at a new dungeon and a new Helliquary raid boss

For those seeking riches from endgame content, there’s going to be a new dungeon and a new Helliquary raid boss. The new dungeon, called the Silent Monastery, is a level 60+ dungeon that will require at least 2 players and up to 4. So you won’t be able to solo this one. In the dungeon, players will be able to “relive the history of the Zakarum crusades through the lands of Ivgorod.” While being tasked with illuminating statues throughout the dungeon and ultimately facing off against the Ancient Nightmare.

As for the new raid boss, Izilech the Misshapen will require players to have a combat rating that is at least 6175. Those capable and brave enough to fight this new demon though, will be rewarded with the Wrathborne Crown. This gives players some nice bonuses if equipped into the top slot of the Helliquary. Like a 10% movement speed boost while inside challenge rifts and a 30-point increase to combat rating. The new raid boss goes live on October 2.

Find a new home for your warband at Castle Cyrangar

Many players have expressed that changes to warbands have been long overdue, and it seems Blizzard is finally making some of those changes. For starters, warbands will no longer have access to warband camps. In their place is Castle Cyrangar. What Blizzard is calling a new “warband exploration experience” that introduces two replayable game modes and passive bonuses that can be upgraded as you secure your castle.

Before players can make this their new warband home though, they’ll need to purge packs of monsters taking up unwanted residence in the castle depths. Once this has been completed warbands can engage in two different modes of the Defense of Cyrangar – Standard and Endless. Standard is available once per week and throws eight waves of demons at players with the promise of rewards if they can fend them all off.

Endless on the other hand can be played and replayed as much as you like. And as the name suggests, players will face wave after wave of demons. Receiving an appropriate score based on how many waves they can complete. Players also get a chance to find ‘Ancestral Weapons’ during the Defense of Cyrangar. Which can then be slotted into the Ancestral Tableau located in the heart of Castle Cyrangar. Doing so gives bonuses to strength, intelligence, and vitality among other stats.

Stat bonuses from a single item also apply to each warband member. Although each warband member can only place one item in the tableau. So you’ll want to hunt down the best combination of items for the most useful bonuses.

New events emerge in Diablo Immortal season 5, while others make a predictable return

You guessed it (or at least you probably did), the Hungering Moon event is back. This next time it arrives on October 6 and sticks around until October 10. Complete tasks to acquire Astrolabe Power which can then be turned in for one of two blessings. Pick wisely as each one gives different bonuses.

There’s also the new Scouring the Darkness limited-time event that begins on September 28 and goes until October 19. In this event, players can complete tasks alongside their warband or go about them solo. Various rewards await including a new Congratulations emote. Another new addition with this update is the Gloomguide’s Prize set items. These special new set items will give bonuses to builds that utilize Dash skills, amplifying damage and terrifying enemies.

There’s also going to be a whole bunch of improvements to legendary crests, Corvus Expedition variants, new bestiary entries, and more. If you’re new to Diablo Immortal, the game can be downloaded from the Play Store on Android devices. And on the App Store for iOS.

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