Did Google Just Tease the Pixel Watch for Google I/O?

Did Google Just Tease the Pixel Watch for Google I/O?

May 11, 2022 0 By Kellen

We’re less than an hour from the kickoff to Google I/O and it looks like Google is teasing the Pixel Watch. I mean, what else could they be hinting at here?

The images here are from a Tweet from the Wear OS count, where they dropped 👀 and then told us that “This year’s #GoogleIO keynote is definitely one to watch.” The watch certainly looks similar to the Pixel Watch that has surfaced in recent weeks.

The round design. The big crown with a button above it. The band that fits into the body. This is either an excellent teasing troll move or Google is telling us that it really is time. We need it to be time.

Even if this is simply a placeholder render, Google has to be suggesting big Wear OS news that doesn’t just involve spreading Wear OS 3 to more watches or another bro-session with Samsung. The evidence of there being a Pixel Watch on the horizon is thick at the moment – today would be a great day to give it to us or at least tell us that it is coming.

Guys, is it finally happening?

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