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  • Google has confirmed that it doesn’t offer repairs or replacements for broken Pixel Watch screens.
  • Damaged Pixel Watches can’t be fixed, but there’s some type of exchange scheme on offer.

Google has confirmed that the display of the Pixel Watch can’t be repaired if it is broken. The company doesn’t officially sell replacement screens for the wearable, and there doesn’t seem to be any third-party option on the market either. Moreover, Google’s Limited Warranty for the Pixel Watch doesn’t cover damages caused by accidental drops or strikes.

“At this moment, we don’t have any repair option for the Google Pixel Watch. If your watch is damaged, you can contact the Google Pixel Watch Customer Support Team to check your replacement options,” Google spokesperson Bridget Starkey told The Verge.

Many Pixel Watch owners have taken to Reddit and Google’s forums to complain about broken watch screens and Google’s inability to help with the problem. The company’s support staff is apparently very vague about a resolution.

“Support told me that they were offering some type of exchange to people that damaged their watches, but could not tell me what the cost for this service was. I had to be escalated to a specialist to find out what the cost was,” a Redditor wrote last year. Google support is currently telling affected Pixel Watch users that it doesn’t have any repair centers or service centers for the device.

Google partners with iFixit for Pixel repairs, and the latter even has a guide for replacing a cracked, broken, or dead Pixel Watch screen. The only problem is that there is no replacement screen on offer. Your best bet would be to buy an old Pixel Watch if you need a replacement part. However, that solution just seems like a waste of money.

With the launch of the Pixel Watch 2 looming, Google certainly needs to fix this repairability problem. There’s little merit in purchasing a premium smartwatch if you can’t fix something as easily breakable as a display. It’s especially important for Google to offer replacement screens for the Pixel Watch since it features a domed glass display that is more prone to cracking if users aren’t careful.

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