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The Galaxy S23 is getting its fifth One UI 6 beta update, which could only mean One UI 6 based on Android 14 is getting closer to public release.

After a rocky start, the Galaxy S23 and a few other devices have been included in the One UI 6 beta program. So far, it’s gone through five different versions of the OS, each addressing bugs and issues common to beta versions and including new features.

Now, Samsung is releasing version 5 of the One UI 6 beta, and the Galaxy S23 is the first to see it (via SamMobile). This variant ends ZWIK and is being pushed to the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra – Samsung’s flagship devices.

This version of One UI 6 seems to have one purpose – fix issues introduced in previous versions. While other versions included new features, One UI 6 beta 5 only mentions hotfixes.

  • Bugs that have been fixed
    • Fixed the problem of not being able to record during a call
    • Fixed no touch at the bottom of the screen or ghost touch issue
    • Fixed the issues of stuck after entering camera, forced termination, and not being able to take pictures
    • Fixed the problem of not being able to use Motion Photo
    • Fixed infinite rebooting problem when entering Maintenance Mode
    • Many other improvements
Fifth One UI 6 beta rolls out to Galaxy S23, Galaxy A53 gets its first

Some of these fixes address experience-ending issues, like not being able to register touch input at the bottom of the screen. Another urgent fix takes on the infinite boot loop some have experienced in Maintenance Mode. The changelog seems to infer that this version brings a much more stable version of One UI 6, as the “Many other improvements” entry suggests.

This version of the One UI 6 beta was first spotted in the UK but is likely going to expand to other regions in a very short amount of time. You can keep an eye out in the Samsung Members app. A One UI 6 beta card should appear at the top if your device is eligible.

Galaxy A53 sees first One UI 6 update

As the Galaxy S23 lineup is seeing its fifth iteration of One UI 6, the Galaxy A53 is finally getting its first. We’ve seen One UI 6 make its way to the Galaxy A54 and A34, but doubling down on budget device betas with a previous generation is a great move from Samsung.

This year the company started prioritizing not only its flagship lineup but budget models as well, which make up a huge portion of the market. By requesting feedback from beta versions on these devices, it’s likely Samsung is able to round out the experience a little better for all users.

The Galaxy A53 should see the new update in the Samsung Members app under the version number A536EXXU7ZWIA.

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