How features like Apple’s “Find My” network works is that basically any Apple device, like a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, acts as a “node” of sorts. If a device has been set as lost/stolen, whenever you come close to an iOS device, it pings it to broadcast its location. Given how many iPhones and iPads are out there, this has created a network of sorts.

Samsung has something similar with their SmartThings Find, and the good news is that if you own a Samsung device, you might be interested to learn that the company has announced that its “nodes” has since expanded by 100 million, bringing it to 300 million nodes.

These nodes are basically similar in concept to Apple’s “Find My” network, where they are registered Samsung devices that have opted-in to help act as a node in the event that a Samsung device has been marked as missing. With 300 million nodes out there, it will undoubtedly make it a lot easier for users to find their missing devices.

That being said, it should be noted that recently it was discovered that Samsung and Google’s “Find My Device” systems have a flaw, in which if a device goes through a power cycle, users will no longer be able to locate it unless it has been turned back on and unlocked.

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Finding your lost Samsung device just got a lot easier – Phandroid

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