From 200MP to 440MP: Samsung could be working on crazy camera sensors

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  • Samsung is reportedly working on three very different camera sensors.
  • This includes a 440MP camera and a 50MP sensor that could be the brand’s first one-inch camera.
  • The company is also tipped to be working on a 320MP sensor.

Samsung makes a variety of smartphone camera sensors, including the 200MP camera seen on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Now, it looks like the company might up the ante with a trio of new sensors.

Tech leaker Revegnus has claimed on X (formerly known as Twitter) that Samsung is working on four new camera sensors. We’ve got a 440MP HU1 sensor, an unnamed 320MP sensor, a 200MP HP7 sensor with 0.7-micron pixels, and a 50MP Isocell GN6 sensor with 1.6-micron pixels.

Starting with the 440MP camera sensor, there’s no word if this camera will actually be used in smartphones. So it’s entirely possible that this is meant for other segments like the automotive or industrial sectors. Nevertheless, Samsung previously claimed back in 2020 that it wanted to launch camera sensors with a resolution equivalent to the human eye (500MP to 600MP). So a 440MP camera would be well on the way to this goal.

As for the 320MP camera, the leaker raised the possibility that this might find its way into the Galaxy S26 Ultra. For what it’s worth, MediaTek’s Dimensity 9200 chipset supports 320MP cameras. So it’s certainly possible 320MP sensors could be the next milestone after 200MP cameras.

Will we actually see these cameras in Samsung phones?

Meanwhile, that rumored 200MP HP7 camera sensor seems broadly in line with the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP HP2 camera, albeit with slightly larger pixels. So we’d expect slightly better image quality from phones with this camera, assuming that everything else was identical to the older sensor.  However, Revegnus suggests that this sensor won’t land in a Samsung phone, claiming it was initially planned for the Galaxy S25 Ultra but that this plan was ditched due to the sensor’s “excessively high cost.”

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Moving on to the 50MP GN6 camera sensor, this could potentially be Samsung’s first one-inch camera, featuring the same pixel size as Sony’s one-inch IMX989 sensor. This would be a major step forward for the manufacturer, as some of the best camera phones tend to use one-inch sensors. This sensor also brings more natural bokeh and improved light capture. Unfortunately, the leaker added that this sensor won’t be available in Samsung phones either, but would likely be used by Chinese manufacturers.

Either way, we hope to see the Isocell GN6 sensor in particular launching sooner rather than later. Sony has long been the only manufacturer offering a one-inch sensor on the market, but an alternative would give smartphone brands more options and potentially drive down costs.

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