Galaxy AI may soon power real-time translation in WhatsApp, and maybe Google Meet too

One of the most popular uses of on-device LLMs so far has been translation, and it’s something that Samsung’s Galaxy AI suite is pretty good at. Soon, Samsung will be expanding Galaxy AI to third-party apps, and that might include WhatsApp and Google Meet.

Last month, Samsung announced plans to bring Galaxy AI’s “Live Translate” service to third-party apps. The feature launched in Samsung’s Phone app and allows users to translate phone calls in real-time between two different languages. In practice, it seems to work quite well.

According to reliable Samsung tipster Ice Universe, WhatsApp may be one of the first apps with support for this.

In a post on Twitter/X, Ice says that Galaxy AI “will power” real-time translation in WhatsApp. There’s not much context here to see how this will work, but we can see two possibilities. On one hand, it’s possible that Samsung and Meta are working together to integrate Galaxy AI directly into WhatsApp. On the other, it’s entirely possible Samsung is developing a sort of “overlay” for Live Translate that works with other apps.

However, it’s really hard to know at this point.

In a later tweet, Ice suggests that both Google Meet and WeChat will also support Galaxy AI translation, which implies to us that the work done here is being handled by Samsung rather than the app makers.

It’s entirely possible that Google will let Samsung run its Galaxy AI translation on top of Meet, but it seems very unlikely that Meet itself will put forth much, if any effort to integrate with Galaxy AI. Google has its own AI suite available, and it’s unlikely that the company would go about adopting AI that’s specific to one brand’s products.

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