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Samsung’s Galaxy Book 3 series, unveiled in January this year, appears to have taken South Korea by storm. Although the company has consistently led the domestic notebook market for 28 consecutive years, the Galaxy Book 3 lineup helped Samsung distance itself from its rivals even more.

Indeed, Samsung has been leading the notebook market in South Korea since 1995. However, research from IDC cited by Samsung shows that its notebook market share in Q1 2023 reached a whopping 52%, up 16.4% from Q4 2023. And it’s all thanks to the Galaxy Book 3 series.

In Q1 2022, Samsung had a 34.2% notebook market share in Korea. But Q1 2023 was the first time in eight years that Samsung’s notebook market share exceeded 50%.

Galaxy Book 3 is constantly sold out

Research cited by Samsung shows that the Galaxy Book 3 series is very popular among college students and creative users who may need a high-performing laptop. In fact, Samsung says that the Book 3 series is so popular in South Korea that it continued to be sold out at various retail channels, including Samsung’s own e-shop.

Furthermore, global sales, including those recorded in South Korea, were 2.5 times higher than the previous Book 2 series within a month of the Book 3’s release.

And as you might expect, one of the most attractive features of the Galaxy Book 3 series is the seamless connectivity it offers to Galaxy smartphone and tablet users.

Galaxy Book 3 users can control their Galaxy phones and tablets using the laptop’s keyboard, trackpad, or mouse, and transferring files between devices has never been easier. Users can also seamlessly switch between their Galaxy S23 and Book 3 laptops when editing Expert RAW photos in Lightroom.

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Galaxy Book 3 series is a smashing hit in South Korea

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