Galaxy Ring features confirmed as Samsung Health drops support for older phones

The Galaxy Ring is Samsung’s answer to a sparse smart ring market. The launch is expected to be on July 10, and screenshots of the Galaxy Ring’s features have already surfaced.

Smart rings are beginning to crop up from smaller manufacturers. Those who have become dominant, like Oura, have proven that a smart ring can be a viable form of health monitoring throughout the day and night. Battery life isn’t a massive concern on a scale that small, and a ring is much more comfortable than a watch is.

Samsung’s market option is set to be a capable one, with rumors noting that it can last several more days on average and will be able to tie into the company’s dynamic health suite. Recent efforts by the Android Authority have resulted in several screenshots leaking online. Those images showcase some of the Galaxy Ring’s features, though they seem rather basic.

First off, Samsung’s Galaxy Ring will be able to track stress levels and heart rate. While obvious, those are now mostly confirmed. The images depict two progress bars measuring those parameters. It’ll be interesting to see how often the Galaxy Ring will measure heart rate in the background or if users will need to manually task the ring to do so. The latter will likely not be the case, and the images likely show off an on-demand function.

Menstrual tracking is another big function of the Galaxy Ring. The often overlooked feature set is a vital one for a large number of users, and it looks like the Galaxy Ring will be ale to predict aspects of it like ovulation and actual period terms. An interesting thing to note is that the screenshot shows the app asking what device is to be used. It seems as though the Galaxy Ring and Galaxy Watch can’t both be used to combine data in this regard as we once thought.

Another fun tidbit is that the Galaxy Ring can track snoring as long as you use a phone to listen for you. It almost seems as though the ring isn’t needed at all.

Samsung Health is barring older phones

All of this information comes as it seems the Samsung Health app will soon only work for newer devices. According to the source, version 6.27 of the Samsung Health app displays a message notifying the user that devices running Android 9 and prior will not be able to run the app properly.

Those who use the app on an older OS will get limited functionality and discontinued support.

The Galaxy Ring will be an exciting product when it debuts on July 10. Samsung is gearing up for the event with a free and open reservation system, granting users $50 in credit. The company also happens to be giving away $5,000 in credit to a select winner(s).

Reserve $50 credit prior to Samsung’s July 10 launch event

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