Last updated: May 9th, 2023 at 16:59 UTC+02:00

The Galaxy S22 series was the first to introduce native camera features to social media apps, including Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Thanks to this clever integration, Galaxy S22 users could rely on the powerful native camera capabilities of their phones without leaving the social media apps. And now, Samsung confirmed that Snapchat is working on retroactively making those features (or at least Night Mode) available to Galaxy S21 series users.

The Samsung Community moderator in charge of camera issues confirmed today that the Galaxy S21’s native low-light camera capabilities are coming to the Snapchat app through a future update. The moderator clarified that this feature’s release isn’t governed by Samsung’s camera team but by Snapchat developers.

Upon contacting Snapchat, the Samsung moderator confirmed with the Snapchat devs that the native night mode camera feature is coming to the Galaxy S21 series “soon,” however, they couldn’t share a precise release date, and it’s not up to Samsung to release this feature.

Galaxy S21 native camera night mode is coming to Snapchat

Once Snapchat gets this Galaxy S21 camera update, users will be able to tap the moon icon inside the social media app viewfinder and activate the phone’s native night mode camera capabilities.

Naturally, Samsung’s native camera app is better and more powerful than the camera solutions embedded in social media apps. Once Snapchat implements this change, Galaxy S21 users will have the option of leveraging their phone’s full sensor capabilities in low-light conditions to create better snaps.

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Galaxy S21 native camera night mode is coming to Snapchat

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Galaxy S21 native camera night mode is coming to Snapchat

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