After months of reports, Samsung has confirmed the existence of ISOCELL HP2, its 200MP sensor likely to be shipped on the backside of the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra. We’ve been hearing about this thing since last August, and finally, we have details.

Unfortunately for me, Samsung used engineers to do the writeup for HP2, so there are a lot of words being used that I don’t fully understand. All I know is, 200MP = good. In the writeup, names and terms such as “Super QPD (Quad Phase Detection),” “re-mosaic algorithm,” and “Tetra2pixel” are used, which to me, are absolutely useless. All I need to know is, can it beat the Pixel 7 Pro?

There was a paragraph in the post from Samsung that I did somewhat understand and I’m placing it below. From what I gather, we should expect better image quality, plus better colors.

The ‘HP2’ applied the ‘Dual Vertical Transfer Gate’ technology for the first time in the industry to increase the full well capacity by up to 33% compared to the previous 200 million pixel products, improving image quality. As the charge storage capacity increases, each pixel can use more light, enabling richer color expression than before.

Here are some additional highlights we can expect from HP2.

  • Much improved HDR performance
  • Clearer pictures in dark weather and low-light environments
  • Vastly improved auto focus via aforementioned Super QPD
  • 8K @ 30fps, 4K @ 120fps

Samsung has not confirmed that HP2 will be inside of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but if we take into account that Samsung has a history of announcing new technologies and then placing them in new products, it seems like a safe bet.

// Samsung

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Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Likely 200MP Camera Candidate Sounds Bonkers

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Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Likely 200MP Camera Candidate Sounds Bonkers

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Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Likely 200MP Camera Candidate Sounds Bonkers

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