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  • The Galaxy S24 is rumored to have on-device generative AI for photos, messages, voice recognition, and more.
  • A new rumor suggests that Samsung is looking into offering these AI features as a subscription service.

We’re still months out from the launch of the Galaxy S24, but we have heard rumors that on-device generative AI will be one of the new features coming to the handset. But, a new rumor alleges you’ll have to pay up if you want to use Samsung’s AI tools.

There have been multiple rumors suggesting Samsung is relying on generative AI to be the key difference maker for the Galaxy S24. The company reportedly wants to adopt on-device generative AI to power photos, messages, voice recognition, and more on the phone. While such tools could be interesting additions, tipster Revegnus warns that Samsung is considering sticking these tools behind a paywall.

Samsung is actively pursuing the option of offering the on-device AI features of the S24 as a ‘subscription’ service.

The tipster doesn’t provide any information on how much this rumored subscription service would cost. As for why the company would charge for something like this, we can only guess.

This year, we’ve seen companies like LG and GM talk about raising revenue by exploring subscriptions and becoming software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses. Samsung has been struggling this year with how slow the market has been. There’s a possibility the tech giant sees subscriptions as an opportunity to add another steady source of revenue.

It’s believed that the Galaxy S24 will launch sometime in the third week of January 2024. If this subscription rumor is true, we’ll likely find out during that launch event.

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