Google IO 2023 cinematic wallpaper


  • Google previews custom emoji wallpapers on Pixel phones, scheduled to arrive next month
  • Users will also be able to create cinematic and generative wallpapers to highlight personal photos and themes of interest.
  • Emoji and Cinematic wallpapers will be available next month and generative wallpapers are set to arrive this fall.

Google previewed three exciting new ways Pixel phone users can look forward to personalizing their devices with brand-new wallpapers. The first of these is emoji wallpapers similar to those seen on iPhones. Each wallpaper can feature up to 14 emojis arranged in a variety of patterns such as stacked, sprinkled, and more. The demo showcased six icons in a mosaic pattern, including a duck to represent the alleged real duck that made its way on stage earlier today. You can adjust the zoom of your pattern and finally, choose the color combo you want. Once set, the emojis are even reactive to user taps.

If you prefer to highlight a personal image, Google also announced Cinematic Wallpapers which allows users to create a 3D image from any existing photo. Simply open your photos and tap the icon to set the selected image as an enhanced wallpaper. The device will automatically separate the subject of your image from its background to create depth. The result is an attractive, dynamic wallpaper with a three-dimensional parallax effect. Both cinematic and emoji wallpapers will arrive on Pixel devices next month.

Finally, if you want to push your creativity, Google also introduced AI-generated wallpapers. This feature includes structured prompts to help you create a unique wallpaper of nearly endless possibilities. After selecting a theme, such as an artistic style, you can scroll and tap the suggested topics to access examples. The tool uses the companies text to image diffusion models to create one-of-a-kind images for your device. These generative wallpapers will be available this fall.

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Generative, Cinematic Wallpaper and Emoji Wallpaper coming to Pixel phones

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