Google has opened up waitlists for its latest Labs, including Search Labs, Project Tailwind, and MusicLM. If you missed the Google I/O keynote, where Google highlighted each of these new projects, allow me to fill you in.

Search Labs is a combination of many different things, but for starters, there’s the SGE (Search Generative Experience) that provides AI-powered overviews and follow-up suggestions, as well as Add to Sheet shortcuts, and coding tips for developers. For all you busy professionals there is Workspace Labs that intros artificial intelligence into Workspace, like writing suggestions in Google Docs and Gmail.

Personally, the two that caught my eye are Project Tailwind and MusicLM. Tailwind is an AI notebook, powered by the users own notes and sources, while MusicLM can turn text descriptions into listenable music tracks.

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Follow the below links to get yourself on the waitlists. Hopefully Google starts adding people quickly. I really need access to MusicLM right away.

// Google [2]

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Get Yourself Signed Up for All of Google’s New Labs

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