Google IO 2023 PaLM 2

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  • Google has announced the PaLM 2 language model at its I/O conference.
  • The language model also powers the Bard assistant as of today.

Microsoft and OpenAI have been stealing all the tech headlines when it comes to generative AI. But Google has been hard at work on its own efforts, including the PaLM language model. Now, the company has announced PaLM 2 at its I/O conference.

Google promises that over 25 products and features will be powered by PaLM 2. The language model actually consists of four different models, namely Gecko, Otter, Bison, and Unicorn. For example, the company explains that Gecko is lightweight and supports offline inference on mobile devices.

PaLM 2 can also be fine-tuned in specific fields, such as security and medication.

The search colossus confirmed that its Bard assistant is running on PaLM 2 as of today (May 10). Google says PaLM 2 allows Bard to run tasks like improved code generation (over 20 code languages), debugging, and explaining code.

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Google Bard gains a huge upgrade thanks to PaLM 2

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