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  • Google and Adobe are partnering up to bring AI image generation to Bard.
  • Users will be able to generate images directly through Bard via Adobe Firefly.
  • Generated images will also be editable within Bard through Adobe Express.

Ever since the release of Bing AI and Google Bard, Microsoft and Google have been trying to one-up each other. That competition seemed to briefly tip in favor of Bing after the Head of Engineering and Product for Bing, Jordi Ribas, announced Bing and Edge would get an image generator. Now Google is leveling the playing field by giving Bard its own text-to-image tool.

Today, Google and Adobe announced a partnership that will bring Adobe Firefly and Express to Bard. As a result of the partnership, Google’s AI chatbot will gain the ability to generate images from text.

According to the announcement, users will be able to describe an image to Bard. Firefly will then take that input to create an image within the Google Bard platform.

In addition to image creation, users will also have the ability to edit these pictures. After generating an image, Adobe Express will allow users to modify the image within Bard as well.

One example that was given involved asking Bard to generate an image of a giraffe doing a yoga pose. Users will reportedly be able to use a template, something created from scratch, or use Express’s editing tools to adjust the image as they see fit.

Adobe claims that Firefly images that are safe to use in commercial settings and free from copyrighted materials. However, the company adds the caveat that this will be the case once Firefly is out of public beta.

As for when the Firefly and Express integration will happen, it’s currently a vague “in the next few months.” The companies did not reveal an exact date for the integration. So well just have to keep our eyes peeled on the Google Bard experiment updates page.

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Google Bard is now an AI art generator with Adobe Firefly and Express

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Google Bard is now an AI art generator with Adobe Firefly and Express

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