I’ve been telling you for years that Pixel leaks tend to be accurate, as Google is unable to keep Pixel secrets. The same goes for the Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold handsets that leaked in full well ahead of their Google I/O 2023 reveal. The former appeared in hands-on videos weeks ago, and we know everything there is to know about the exciting mid-range device. That includes Pixel 7a’s price and release date, which also leaked recently.

It turns out that even Google isn’t willing to wait longer to promote the upcoming handset. The company just confirmed the Pixel 7a’s launch date, and it’s exactly what you think it is.

Google will unveil the Pixel 7a on May 10th, during the main I/O keynote, and the phone should be available to order immediately for $499. That’s what leaks said recently. As I’ve already explained, if don’t like the price hike compared to the Pixel 6a’s $449 starting price, you can always wait a few weeks for the price to drop. Because the Pixel 7a will surely be even cheaper on Amazon in the coming months.

Without mentioning the Pixel 7a by name, Google’s India Twitter account posted the following tweet that teases the upcoming mid-range phone.

According to Google, Flipkart will get the Pixel 7a come May 11th. That essentially confirms the Pixel 7a will start selling on May 10th in the US. Considering time zone differences, that will make it 11th in India and other international markets where Google is present.

The teaser also shows part of the phone, including the new blue color that leaked recently. Also visible is the dual-lens camera system placed inside a horizontal camera bar made of metal.

Google is also launching the Pixel Fold at I/O 2023, but the handset should hit stores much later. And it’s unclear whether the Pixel Fold will target India in the first place.

Getting back to the Google Pixel 7a, I’ll remind you it’s one of the most exciting mid-range phones of 2023. Probably the best choice for many buyers looking for the best possible Android phone on a budget. The Pixel 7a is practically a Pixel 7 variant, thanks to its powerful Tensor G2 chip.

If you’re still unconvinced, Roland Quandt’s new series of tweets showing the leaked Pixel 7a marketing materials should answer most questions.

The images in the tweets above show Pixel 7a’s design, color options, and main specs. There’s even a specs comparison with the Pixel 6a.

The only thing not in the photos is the availability information. But, again, the Pixel 7a will launch on May 10th/11th, starting at $499.

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Google confirmed the Pixel 7a launch date, and we’re hardly surprised

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Google confirmed the Pixel 7a launch date, and we’re hardly surprised

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