Google really wants to show the world that it is ready to give this whole tablet idea another serious attempt. The Pixel Tablet is around the corner and the last thing they need is to release it without anything that looks good on it. They started updating all sorts of apps to make better use of big screens over the past year in an attempt to prepare for launch, and now that focus has been put on Google Discover.

A fresh update to the Google app (v14.2.7.26) spotted by 9to5Google is showing a new 3 column design for Google Discover. While not a massive change, it does look better, presents more content on a single screen, and fills out space appropriately. It even has cute little borders around boxes now.

This is what the new Discover looks like if you have a big boy screen:

Google Discover Pixel Tablet

To be honest, it kind of looks like one of those spammy content farm ads you see below articles on most websites, but clearly those things work and people click through them or they wouldn’t exist. I’m not sure that’s exactly the vibe Google was going for. I take it back, Goog. Good work!

If anything, this is just another important sign that Google really is trying to prove that it is serious about tablets. The Pixel Tablet is a multi-use device (leaked here) that needs to show the Android world what a tablet on this platform can be. Not that Samsung hasn’t made excellent tablets over the years and single-handedly kept Android tablets alive, it’s just that it would be nice to have additional options outside of their Galaxy Tab S series.

Three columns! Huge.

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Google Discover is Ready for the Pixel Tablet

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Google Discover is Ready for the Pixel Tablet

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Google Discover is Ready for the Pixel TabletGoogle Discover is Ready for the Pixel Tablet

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