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Google Doodle game celebrates the joys of bubble tea


Google Doodle about bubble tea

The latest homepage minigame from Google celebrates the simple joys of making bubble tea and enjoying it with friends.

Getting its start in Taiwan in the 1980s, bubble tea is a surprisingly varied category of drinks. If you’ve not had the privilege of trying one, bubble tea consists of almost any kind of cold tea, which is sweetened and flavored. The “bubble” part comes from little pearls of something like tapioca or jelly that can come up through the oversized straw. As for why Google selected January 29 to celebrate bubble tea, on that day in 2020, it was announced that the iconic drink would be given its own emoji.

In the new Google Doodle minigame, you play the role of a Formosan Mountain Dog who operates a bubble tea stand in the midst of a rainy forest. The process of making tea in the game is straightforward, as you simply need to fill the cup with each ingredient to reach a certain line. If you stop on the line, you get a star, for a maximum of three stars per customer.

Fans of past Google Doodle games will see some familiar faces in this fully hand-drawn bubble tea game. For instance, Froggy the beloved “weather frog” mascot makes an appearance, as do the two feline heroines of Doodle Champion Island Games and Magic Cat Academy. Along the way, you’re treated to some delightfully chill music accented by the sound of rain.

All in all, you’ll need to fill five orders before closing shop for the day, each progressively harder than the last. Of course, this Doodle did not forget the best part of ordering bubble tea. After each drink is completed, the customers line up their straws and poke through the lid in an oddly satisfying way.

I managed to get 12 stars on my first try. How did you fare? Let us know in the comments below.

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Google Doodle game celebrates the joys of bubble tea

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Google Doodle game celebrates the joys of bubble tea

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Google Doodle game celebrates the joys of bubble tea

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