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Google Fiber previously said that it wanted to eventually offer 100 Gig internet, and it’s now working towards that with residential 20 Gig + Wi-Fi 7 by year’s end.

Today, GFiber has 1 Gig for $70 per month and 2 Gig ($100), while some cities have $125 5 Gig and $150 8 Gig. The ISP says it already has thousands of customers on the two latter plans. 

Google Fiber already offers 20 Gig to organizations like the University Missouri – Kansas City and the United Way of Utah County, but it plans to offer it to residential customers by the end of the year.

To do this, GFiber will “deploy Nokia’s 25G PON technology, which will allow our customers to break the 10 Gig barrier that limited existing architectures.” Notably, this technology “provides up to 10x speeds energy efficiently and without requiring any changes to the existing fiber in the ground.” Another important part of 20 Gig service is a pre-certification Wi-Fi 7 router for customers.

Offering 20 Gig service is part of the GFiber Labs program announced in September to explore “what’s possible for the internet.” It will also be considered an early access offering, with availability limited to a “small group of GFiber customers in select areas.” You can sign up for access here, and have to answer: “Please let us know how your needs and preferences would be met by a 20 gig symmetrical connection.” 

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