Despite Google’s push to market its Tensor chips as part of its overall product ecosystem and branding, it’s no secret that the company’s first-party chipsets – developed in tandem with Samsung – have had occasional performance issues. This has led to phones like the Pixel 6 and 7 series suffering from overheating and battery endurance, which have been reported by many users online.

If you’ve been experiencing heating on your Pixel 6 or 7 lately, then you’re in luck – Google has acknowledged these heating issues, and has announced that it will be pushing out a software update to combat this. According to a post from the official Pixel Reddit account:

“We have received reports of Android devices becoming overheated and seeing accelerated battery drain. We identified the root cause of the issue being a recent Google app backend change that unintentionally resulted in these issues. We have rolled out a fix that should begin to take effect for impacted users immediately. No user action is needed.”

It would seem that the issue was caused by a change made behind the scenes to the Google App, which Google says resulted in some unintentional side effects. According to the post, no user action is needed to fix this, as a server-side update will be provided to address heating and battery drain problems.

Have you experienced heating issues on your Pixel? Let us know in the comments below!

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Google has Finally Addressed the Pixel’s Heating Issues – Phandroid

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Google has Finally Addressed the Pixel’s Heating Issues – Phandroid

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