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  • Google Home for web is getting a new “Help Me Script” feature.
  • It will let you describe the automation routine you need in natural language and convert it into code so you can easily implement it.
  • The feature uses generative AI and improves with every use.

Google Home offers a script editor you can use to create complex automation routines. However, it’s not very easy to use and requires stellar coding skills. Google is now infusing AI into the process to simplify it for users who don’t have coding experience but still want to get creative with home automation.

The company has announced a new “Help Me Script” feature, which will help casual users create personalized automation routines by simply describing them in natural language.

When you log onto Google Home for web and open the script editor, you can describe something like, “If my outdoor camera sees someone after dark, turn on the porch light and make an announcement.” Google Home’s Help Me Script tool will then use generative AI to turn this automation routine into code. You can then simply copy and paste the code into the script editor to activate and use it through the Google Home app. You can also modify the code later if you want to.

Google says Help Me Script will improve the accuracy of its automation code with every use since it’s powered by a large language model.

The feature will be available in Public Preview later this year. More updates on Help Me Script will be posted in Google’s Home Automation forum.

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