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Google is quickly ramping up efforts to commercialize its ChatGPT rival called Bard. The experimental conversational AI is powered by Google’s LaMDA language learning model, and the company has been testing it internally since February. Now, it seems Google is getting closer to letting the AI loose on the general public. According to 9to5Google, the company is inviting select Pixel Superfans to test out Bard.

Google is reportedly sending emails to Pixel Superfans extending an early invitation to use Bard. The email reads as follows:

Meet Bard, an early experiment by Google that lets you collaborate with generative AI. We’d like to offer you – a member of our Pixel Superfan community – early access so you can get started as soon as Bard launches, and share your feedback.

We can’t wait to hear how people start using Bard, but we also know that large language models will not always get it right. Input from a wide range of experts and users will help Bard improve.

According to 9to5Google, access to Bard isn’t open yet but could become available anytime soon. If you are a Pixel Superfan, aka a part of Google’s exclusive community for people who love the Pixel line, you can keep an eye out for Google’s email giving you early access to Bard.

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Google is giving Pixel Superfans early access to its ChatGPT AI rival Bard

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