Google is said to be working on a way to turn your Pixel phone into a dash cam.

9to5Google has been doing its customary deep dive into Google code, and has uncovered what appears to be a fascinating upcoming function within a version of the Personal Safety app.

It seems Google mistakenly rolled out a test build to the Play Store, and within that build was discovered mention of a new “Dashcam” feature for select Android phones (including, of course, Pixels). As the name suggests, this feature enables you to record video and audio whilst driving.

It could be a great way to gain a solid dash cam using your Pixel rather than splashing out a bunch of cash on something like the Road Angel Halo Pro – as great as it is.

You can access this Dashcam function under the ‘Be prepared’ header on the home page. This lets you kick off a recording manually, or to view back your previous recordings.

While your phone is recording this Dashcam footage, it can go about its business normally. We can envision it being mounted on your dashboard in such a way that you can navigate and recording what’s going on ahead of you simultaneously. Alternatively, you can lock the screen to save battery, and the recording will continue.

It’s even possible to set this Dashcam feature up to start recording automatically whenever you connect to your car’s Bluetooth entertainment system, and to stop when it disconnects.

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Dashcam recordings are automatically deleted after three days, so your phone shouldn’t fill up with useless commute footage – though of course, you can save key videos should something spicy happen. Recordings can last 24 hours, helped on by heavy 30 MB per minute compression.

The report claims that the Pixel dash cam feature is essentially feature complete and seemingly ready to roll whenever Google chooses to pull the trigger. Might we see a Dashcam function rolling out to Pixel phones with the next feature drop in June?

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Google may soon let you use your Pixel phone as a dash cam

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