Pixel 9 in Pink

(Image credit: Hani Mohamed Bioud on X)

What you need to know

  • Google could be releasing the Pixel 9 in a surprisingly new Pink color for the first time.
  • While we have seen several phones in Rose Gold finishes, Pink appears to be the future of smartphone colors.
  • Pixel 9 in Pink has a glossy finish on the rear and a matte finish for the camera visor, and the overall design appears similar to the leaked renders.

We know the Pixel 9 series is coming earlier this year than its predecessors, but we didn’t know that one of the models might have a surprising new color, which just leaked through a hands-on video.

According to an X user, Hani Mohamed Bioud, Google has already launched the Pixel 9 device in the Algerian market. He has also shared that the device will have a Pink colorway, which should likely turn heads when used by someone in public.

Pixel 9 is already out in Algeria.Storage: 256GBColor : PinkI’ll keep you updated tomorrow morning. 1, 2024

At least, that’s how it appears at first glance, as seen on the hands-on video shared by the X user. While it is certainly refreshing, it will be interesting to see how well it will be received by consumers after the actual launch on August 13

Returning to the Pixel 9 in Pink, Bioud indicates that the device has 256GB of onboard storage and the Pixel 9 resembles what we have seen in multiple Pixel 9 renders. The device features rounded corners next to a squared-off design overall. The new camera visor with dual cameras also appears in place with a matte finish, while the rest of the back has a glossy finish.

Pixel 9 in Pink

(Image credit: Hani Mohamed Bioud on X)

In the accompanying comments on X, when asked about the Pixel 9 Pro, Bioud noted that he has only seen the Pixel 9 and further indicated that he would share more details about Google’s flagship Android phone soon. We might witness more videos of the handset before the official release. 

It could also mean that we might see the Pixel 9 in action. As promising as it may sound, we must wait and anticipate how many more color options Google is bringing to the table, especially since we have already seen Pixel phones in Blue, Orange, Lemon Green, and similar variants.

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