At the end of 2022, Google expanded its Google Play Games PC Beta to the US and we were pretty darn excited about it. The idea that we could run some of our favorite Android and Google Play games on PC is a fun one that we can’t wait to take advantage of (once it moves beyond being Windows-only).

Today, at the Google for Games Developer Summit, Google announced expanded region support “to Japan and countries in Europe” throughout the next couple of months. Google is also planning to add new games, including Garena Free Fire, Ludo King, and MapleStory M.

In addition to the new regions and games, Google is telling developers that they can do this – they can bring their games over and should. They are partnering with Intel to make it easier for devs to bring games to PC with an existing mobile app build. That partnership also includes cross-platform marketing and promotion. If you already make games for Android, Google is giving you plenty of reasons to add PC support to your builds.

Alright, in other dev-related news, Google shared the following for Play Games PC:

  • The new Google Play Games PC developer emulator is here
  • There’s a new release checklist that lets developers verify that they’ve completed all necessary steps before submitting a game to ensure a quick approval
  • Later this year, Google is rolling out Next Generation Player IDs to keep ensure “seamless continuity across devices for Google Play Games”

For non-developers, here’s to hoping the support doesn’t slow from Google, so that we can all add Google Play Games PC to our gaming rotations. For developers, watch this YouTube playlists on today’s news and then get after it.

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Google Play Games PC Expands to More Regions, Adds New Games

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Google Play Games PC Expands to More Regions, Adds New Games

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Google Play Games PC Expands to More Regions, Adds New Games

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