Google has completed the design of the Tensor G5 SoC, a chip that will fuel the Pixel 10 next year. That chip is now ready to be sent to the foundry for fabrication. This one will be manufactured by TSMC, by the way.

The information regarding the finished design process comes from Taiwan. The Pixel 10 series will be the first to utilize this processor. Other Pixel products are expected to include it after that, though, of course.

This chip will be made using TSMC’s second-gen 3nm node aka N3E. This chip is expected to be a considerable jump compared to everything else Google made thus far. Google designed it itself, and TSMC’s second-gen 3nm node is the right way to manufacture it.

The Google Tensor G5 is probably the chip Google hopes will compete with the best processors out there. It is expected to be immensely powerful, in addition to be designed specifically for Pixel products.

Pixel users had to deal with some questionable SoCs in the past, Google is looking to change that

Pixel users had to deal with some really questionable chips in the past. The Exynos 5123 model inside the Pixel 6 series definitely comes to mind, and it was a part of the Tensor chip. The Exynos 5300 was an improvement, but still not the best solution. That one was included in the Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 series smartphones.

What happens now? Well, while the chip is ready for manufacturing, Google still has to test it out after the fact. We’re still a long way from seeing that chip in action, as the Tensor G4 hasn’t launched just yet.

The Tensor G4 will arrive alongside the Pixel 9 series next month. Google announced that the new Pixel smartphones will become official on August 13. That is a big change for Google, as everyone expected the devices to arrive in early October.

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