Google is fully committed to further improving the TV experience of those who purchase smart TVs powered by its software. The personalized experience that comes built-in to smart TVs and streaming devices from various brands is getting important upgrades this month.

Besides the many improvements the

Google TV experience got in the last two years, many of these based on the feedback received from users,

Google revealed a couple that made it to the platform more recently.

The first one is related to storage. In case you haven’t noticed yet,

Google introduced a new feature called App Hibernation, which automatically forces apps to hibernate when not used for over 30 days. The new feature will work on Android S and above devices.

Additionally, the Android App bundles for Google TV had the size of the apps reduced by around 25%, which is huge. Basically, your device will have more space that can be used to download apps. These two features have already been rolled out to device, so you don’t have to download anything.

Another important improvement that will make the Google TV experience even better involves the overall performance. This is a more recent change meant to reduce the time it takes users to wake up their Google TV. The response time between TV and button clicks on the remote, as well as the amount of time that loading animation is displayed when rebooting has been shortened significantly.

According to Google, the performance upgrades are rolling out right now to all compatible devices and don’t require any action from users. Let us know in the comments section if you notice any improvements when it comes to performance.

The new improvements come just a few months after the Mountain View company added a range of changes to the Google TV homescreen. Not to mention that

Google TV has recently added 800 free channels last month to make the experience even better.

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Google TV is getting major improvements this month

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