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At CES 2023, Google released Nearby Share for Windows, allowing people to easily transfer files between Android and Windows devices. Back then, however, the app was available only in a few countries, which included the United States. Well, Google seems to have been working hard to add more regions to the list, as the Nearby Share app for Windows is now available to download in most countries across the globe.

Spotted by 9To5Google, Google’s support page for the feature states, “Nearby Share Beta for Windows PCs is available in the US and most countries globally.” The only countries where you cannot download the app are Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria. Mind you, Nearby Share for Windows works without any issues, but it is still in the beta stage, and Google hasn’t announced when we can expect a stable version of the app.

You should also know that it doesn’t work on ARM-powered Windows devices yet. It only runs on 64-bit Windows 10/11 for now. If you have a compatible Windows device, it’s pretty easy to set up the app.

Nearby Share for Windows is now available in more countries worldwide

Just download the app from the official page, install it on your Windows machine, log in with the same Google account that’s on your Android device, and voila, you can now transfer files between the two devices easily. Just make sure both the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth is turned on, and these devices are within 16 feet of each other.

Samsung also has an app for Windows that offers the same functionality as Nearby Share called Quick Share. Like Google’s app, Quick Share allows people to transfer files between Galaxy smartphone/tablet and Windows PC. Plus, it comes with many other features, including the ability to mirror your smartphone’s screen directly on the Windows device.

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Google’s Nearby Share app for Windows is now available globally

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Google’s Nearby Share app for Windows is now available globally

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